Auto Broker Services
EcoSparc Motors
a great price and have the most enjoyable car buying experience possible.  We are an
experienced Auto Broker and can find you the car you want!  Without the hassle and haggling
you would normally be forced to deal with at your typical auto dealer.  We also can help ship any
vehicle to most any destination. With over 30 years experience in the Automobile Business, we
are very easy to work with. We can locate most any make or model and can help arrange
As your advocate, we work for you to get a low price for the car you want, in your preferred color,
with your preferred options. This means you don't have to go back and forth from one dealer to
another, wasting time looking and trying to negotiate a good deal. Our Account Executives are
trained professional customer service people. As such, they're very different from dealership
employees, who are motivated to put the dealer's interests first and are given incentives to move
the cars they have on the lot.  EcoSparc acts as a broker search many dealers and wholesalers
stock to get the car you want at a great price.

How does this service work?

First you need to decide on the car that you want.  You should have an idea of what you want to
pay for it.  If you have a trade we can take care of that too.  When you are ready, simply call us at
(408) 779-2722 or complete the online form by clicking on the link below.  As soon as you're
ready to work with us, we'll set up your account and process a one-time, flat fee for our service.

Next, we go to work for you.  We locate the car you specified from an authorized dealer. We can
typically find it and negotiate a low price on your behalf within 24 hours. Then, we call you with
our search results, including the car's specs, price, terms if you're leasing or financing, and
arrival time.

If you like the deal, then we get the car for you.  You can sign the papers in the privacy of your
home or at a local dealership.  We will arrange pickup of your vehicle at a local dealership or we
can deliver the car to you.